What is PocketSketching™?

This is a unique way to learn and practice painting in watercolor. It was first conceived, and the term trademarked by Kath Macaulay, www.pocketsketching.com. You can read about her, see her artwork and that of her students, and buy special pocket sketcher’s supplies from the store on her website. To date, she has accepted only a limited number of students to attend her Instructor Certification Course. Active Certified Instructors are listed on her website. We are the only teachers authorized to use this Trademarked term and method in the workshops we hold. I am the only Certified Instructor residing east of the Mississippi!

PocketSketching™ Certified Instructor
Susan Merila

How is PocketSketching™ unique?

It is a quick and easy method to learn, using a compact kit of inexpensive materials. It is immediately enjoyable for all skill levels from beginner to advanced. Age is no barrier to anyone with an interest in learning; so far, I have taught students as young as 9 and up to 91 years old. You can easily transport everything you need in a small, lightweight pouch. Using the PocketSketching™, method you learn to paint lovely watercolor paintings in 25 minutes or less. In the BEGINNER WORKSHOP you will paint a variety of subjects: landscapes, still life, and figures (people and animals). In fact, during the first hour, you will complete your first painting. What fun!


What will you do with your paintings?

Here are a few ideas: your completed paintings are suitable for framing as individual works of art, enhancements to journaling and scrapbooking, records of your travels, records of everyday moments, and for handmade cards. The paintings can also be digitized and printed in multiple copies (think Christmas, Birthday, and Special Occasion cards). You can even enlarge them and add personalized hand-touches to these copies. They make lovely personal gifts. You can also use them as studies for subsequent paintings in your home studio. You are only limited by your imagination! Further, I hope you will grant me permission to post your work in the STUDENTS’ GALLERY on my website. Take a look at the incredible work students have allowed me to share! What variety!

What do students say about PocketSketching™?

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When students look back over their work, they find that their paintings evoke a flood of memories about the time and place depicted. These memories are far deeper than they typically recall from the hundreds of digital photos they shoot. We often overload ourselves with digital images from our phones and cameras, then struggle to figure out where we shot them, and sometimes even why we shot them. This won’t happen with any of your paintings!