About Me

Art is a vital part of my life. But during my college years, as I raised a family, and during my 23-year career as an Army Intelligence Officer, it did not take center stage. Fitting it into my spare time, I enjoyed all aspects of art: studying the history of art in college and beyond, reading books about artists and their techniques, experiencing museums and galleries around the world, participating in workshops, and teaching myself a variety of art forms as best I could. I am so happy that I am now able to focus on art and my overwhelming passion since 2005—WATERCOLOR. It mesmerizes me with its vitality, variety, sheer colors, and luminous, transparent qualities.

I am largely a self-taught artist who loves the company of other artists, learning and gaining further inspiration from each other. In January 2017, I decided to take the leap into teaching watercolor. I thought it would be a great way to find, nurture and build a community of fellow enthusiasts. I first taught Watercolor Workshops for Winchester, (VA) City Parks and Recreation, and have since branched out on my own. WOW! I never expected to increase my knowledge of watercolor so exponentially by TEACHING watercolor. Being the facilitator for each student’s journey is an inspiring experience that never pales for me. I feel honored to be present to witness each breakthrough, see each student flourish, and to see each one’s style emerge.

My experience in teaching has taught me that the best way for me to grow as a watercolor artist is to continue to be a watercolor teacher. I knew the method I most wanted to use was Pocket Sketching™. I had learned it at Kath Macaulay’s Tucson, AZ Studio in 2008; I have used what I learned in my own paintings nearly every day since. It never gets old! Besides being the quickest way I know to learn watercolor, it is also the best way to hone and improve watercolor skills. During Kath’s workshops I have also observed that all skill levels and ages thrive when they learn together in the same workshop. So, not only is it unnecessary to separate skill levels, everyone seems to derive greater benefit from the mixture of experience. Skilled artists will be surprised at what they learn from beginners who are not bound by rules, and beginners gain insight from the experiences of everyone!

Anyway, I had been bugging Kath for quite a while to hold an Instructor Certification Class. Finally to my delight, she was able to work a class into her busy schedule. She actually held a class just for me in FEB/MAR 2018. I am now a Certified Instructor of Kath’s Pocket Sketching™ method. I am one of three Certified Instructors listed on her website, and the ONLY one teaching east of the Mississippi.