Read the description of each type of Workshop below. Click on the type of Workshop you are interested in and a drop down menu will list currently scheduled dates and locations. To reserve a space, click on CONTACT and send me a message including the date/location/type of workshop you are interested in, as well as any questions you may have. You may also propose a date/location/type Workshop you would like to host. CONTACT me with your proposal. I will respond to all inquiries within a few days, as quickly as possible.


I currently offer BEGINNING WORKSHOPS in two formats: TYPE I, A Two Day Immersion, and TYPE II, Four Meetings, One day a Week.

This is a two-day workshop that is held two days in a row, usually on a Friday/Saturday, or Saturday/Sunday, from 10:00 am to 4 pm each day for a total of 12 hours. The fee is $200. per student. I loan the students a complete, compact kit for the two days. By the end of the workshop students will be very familiar with the materials and well able to decide what materials they may want to purchase to continue their Pocket SketchingTM journey. All of the materials are available through Kath Macaulay’s Online Store, as well as other on-line and local stores I can name who carry all the few, inexpensive supplies we use. I do not sell them myself. Each student will keep and take home his special pen and a compact drawing pad filled with approximately 10 workshop paintings. To save workshop time, each student should plan on bringing a brown-bag lunch. I generally supplement this with fruit, salad, snacks, and bottled water.

For those who prefer to spread their sessions out, I also teach four, three-hour sessions on a designated day of the week. I am willing to offer morning, afternoon, or evening sessions, I am willing to be very flexible to meet your needs.
Examples of such schedules might be:
Four Mondays, 10-1 pm.
Four Wednesdays, 1-4 pm
Four Tuesdays, 5:30-9:30pm

The fee is $300 per student. (You will notice this fee is higher, for the same 12 hours of instruction, as it does tie me and my studio space up for an extended period). In this format, I loan each student everything needed for the first session only. (I must keep the loaned materials available for other students’ first sessions, as well as the two-day workshops, I cannot loan materials out for a full month!)  Each student will need to purchase his own materials to use in the days in-between sessions and to use during the remaining three sessions of class time in his workshop. By the end of the first session, each student will be very familiar with the materials and able to decide what he may wish to purchase to continue his Pocket Sketching™ journey. I can name local and on-line shops that carry all of the few, inexpensive supplies we use. I do not sell them myself. At the end of the workshop, the student will keep his special pen, and drawing pad with about 10 paintings completed during the workshop, and the numerous other paintings he will complete in the intervals between sessions.


There is no minimum number of students for these sessions. This is an opportunity for any number of individuals, special groups or private tutoring in any of the 14 topics (and growing!) that I currently offer. Prerequisite for any of these sessions is completion of a BEGINNING POCKET SKETCHING™ workshop. Students will use their own Pocket Sketching™ materials, which are the same as those used in previous workshops. I will furnish any additional special materials needed. I teach each technique in a single 3 hour session at various times/locations. The fee for each single session is $30. The entire list of 14 Techniques is available by request when you contact me with your proposed date/time/location.


These workshops are essentially the same as those appearing above. What makes these SPECIAL is that they would be offered exclusively for your group at the time/place of your choice. One person, designated as the HOST would be my single point-of-contact for the group and would assume the duties of HOST. The HOST provides the venue, gathers the students and collects, and is responsible for my fee for mutually agreed upon terms. I will post the exclusive schedule on my website, so that others may readily see that I am not available at such times as these are scheduled. Any HOST may contact me to negotiate, time/date/location/fee.

SCHEDULED POCKET SKETCHING™ WORKSHOPS                                                                                                              

Special, Beginner Workshop in Four Meetings, Four Consecutive Days  Pier Building, Chautauqua Institution, NY. July 1 thru July 4, (Monday – Thursday)  8-11 am.  FULL.   ALL IN-PERSON PROGRAMS CANCELED FOR 2020 SEASON.        

Special, Introduction to PocketSketching™, One-6-hour Workshop, Carriage House Adjacent to the Gardens at Museum of the Shenandoah Valley, Winchester, VA. MAY 30, (Saturday only) 10 am – 4:30 pm.  RESCHEDULED WITH SOME CHANGES!   THE WORKSHOP WILL NOW BE HELD IN TWO-3 HOUR SESSIONS.  NEW SCHEDULE WILL BE from 1 TO 430 pm  ON SUNDAY, 13 AND 20 SEPTEMBER 2020.  Current plan is to reduce the maximum class size to 8 students.  The workshop will still be held in the Carriage House adjacent to the Gardens at the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley, Winchester, VA.  FULL

Type 1, Beginner Workshop in Two-Day Immersion Format

Type II, Beginner Workshop in Four Meetings, Once  Weekly Beginning PocketSketching™